Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SniperSpy Review



SniperSpy offers you the ability to remotely monitor and track all activity from a home or work computer. This can allow you to monitor your children and ensure that they do not view any questionable websites or enter dangerous chat rooms.


  • Remotely install through E-mail
  • Access stored data from any computer
  • View Live Keystrokes
  • Shut down and lock pc

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With Sniperspy's easy to use interface remotely installing to a child or other family members computer is simple and time efficient. Through this you can monitor your children's internet activity While at work simply by logging into your SniperSpy account. Upon logging in you gain access to logs of their chats, keystrokes, and can even view their activity in real time, keeping you and your family safe from internet predators.

While we all want to trust our children and significant others to do the right thing sometimes their judgement may slip and temptations can get the better of them. Through Sniperspy you will have the ability to remotely lock, restart, or shutdown the computer if you notice any conspicuous activity. Before taking action you have the option to send a message to the user informing them you know what they are doing.

Protecting your family

As the internet grows bigger so do the dangers involved with it, Online predators, Gaming Addiction, Cyber bullying, and many more. With SniperSpy you can control how long you children play video games, keep them away from malicious sites and warn them when they may be getting in over their head.


At the end of the day all we want is for our loved ones to be safe and trustworthy. With the tools SniperSpy provides you can keep track of all their computer activity creating a safer and more comfortable home for you and them.

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